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"THE WHALE REPORT With Michael Harris" 

Regular reports on whales and wildlife news, features and sightings in the Pacific Northwest Radio, appearing on radio, television, internet and other platforms, produced, written and performed by Wildlife Specialist Michael Harris. Specifically and most recently, “The Whale Report With Michael Harris” has been broadcast as weekly one-minute branded spots every Thursday between 8am and 9am (morning drive time) on KOMO 1000 Radio, Star 101.5 FM and other Sinclair Broadcast Group properties. Thirty-six “Whale Reports” have aired since June 2015.


Michael Harris / Principal Creative 

MH IMG 0256Emmy Award-winning network producer and digital journalist Michael Harris creates some of the most interesting television now coming out of the Pacific Northwest. His specials, films and documentaries have garnered numerous prestigious industry awards, including 11 Emmys and over 45 Emmy nominations in 15 different categories, from Producer, Writer, Editor, Director, Photographer to Composer, and in 2011 was even recognized in the category of “Outstanding Host,” one of just four nominees across the five-state region, for the KOMO (ABC Seattle) primetime special, GIANTS of the Pacific Northwest.

    Michael Harris in Taipei, Taiwan with Kevin Ely (l) and i'Miusa fashion designer Vanessa Lin 凡妮莎林 (Yahoo! Taiwan).

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Victory Studios
WHITE NEW4Baby Wild Films is proud to create its productions within the storied suites of Seattle's landmark Victory Studios, a full-service post-production company also based in North Hollywood.  At its Seattle facilities, the only of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, Victory is a candy store for content producers, maintaining one of the best-stocked equipment rental shops in the region, as well as two state-of-the-industry sound stages downstairs, including "Studio One" with a 61x34-foot cyc wall for about 2,600 square feet of quiet, controlled production space.  Also in house is "Victory Live," one of the Northwest's most experienced teams in streaming and capturing live events. Baby Wild Films is never short on the technical and creative camaraderie that is invaluable for any independent producer.  It's an easy spot to find in town, a cool place to hang out, and a great base to make television.

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Outpost Media
WHITE NEW4Got Stock? Don't blow your budget on Getty Images or another expensive stock shop -  we may have what you need right here. Baby Wild Films is also partnered with Outpost Media Television & Film Provisioners, one of the region's top independent providers of original, broadcast-quality stock footage. Drawing in part from the unique archives of Baby Wild Films, Outpost Media has assembled an impressive library, all available at a fraction of the cost of big stock houses. CALL (206) 467-6722.


In the Works...

Baby Wild Films and its partners are always bringing exciting new projects into the world, covering a wide variety of subject matter.  And like the arrival of any baby, some go smoothly; some don't.  Some births happen quickly; others not-so-much.  But no matter the throes of labor, presenting these creations to audiences is a wonderful thing.  Over the last 25 years, we've been fortunate enough to team up with production companies, corporate partners and global celebrities on a number of television and web vehicles, seeing it literally go from idea to funding to execution to broadcast.  Many shows are still on air today.  Some have gone on to win Emmy Awards and a number of industry honors.  Several are launched as "preview" specials or documentaries, with hopes of becoming series.  And some concepts continue to evolve and seek homes.  But as every one of our partners will attest, regardless of the ultimate success of each endeavor, the making of these sizzle reels, pilots, previews and web shorts are always an extraordinarily fulfilling experience.  TV is a tough nut to crack.  We make sure that we keep our eyes on the prize, but our hearts in the journey.

If you'd like to get involved in some of the projects below, give us a shout!  We'd love to hear from you.
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SERIES CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT in partnership with Custom Productions Inc.

"Teppanyaki Takedown"
White Line
This ain't your Daddy's Benihana, baby...
This is in-your-face, Japanese-style flat iron teppanyaki cooking – people so close to the action they could lose a finger. Totally interactive, absolute theatre, awesome food. This is where beef, shrimp and noodles become dangerous flying objects, and dinner becomes chef-on-chef violence. Put your protective glasses on, folks – this is TEPPANYAKI TAKEDOWN.  Seattle-based Mike Monzon, known in the industry as “Tattoo Mike,” is perhaps the top teppanyaki master in North America. A former tattoo artist, this half-Asian/half-American self-taught chef has made a name for himself with a style all his own. Besides his remarkably creative choice of ingredients and presentation, Mike’s mesmerizing to watch. He’s considered one of the world’s fastest masters at slinging blades, and coming up with new tricks to delight his audience. And he’s developed quite a devoted following.

Tattoo Mike challenges the top teppanyaki masters from around the world, brandishing his unique Wu Tang style of flat-iron cooking against both old school and contemporary chefs. Sometimes Mike wins; other times he’s taken down. A panel of judges will preside over the competition, sometimes complemented by the metered response of those watching (and eating) in the restaurant, as well as the “likes,” Tweets and votes of those participating via social media. Performances will be judged on the style of each master as well as the final product. 

Whether you're a fan of the flat-iron or a Master Chef who wants to sling your blades with the best, let us hear from you! Give us a shout if you want to be a part of TEPPANYAKI TAKEDOWN.  

Produced, written, edited and photographed by Michael Harris, Baby Wild Films. Hosted and narrated by Tattoo Mike Monzon. Series created by Michael Harris and Segi Vandandorj.

Tattoo Ezra IMG 1928smCongrats to Tattoo Mike and his wife Lindsey on the birth of baby Ezra!  Dec 19th, 2013.  
Best launch ever...


"The Villagers"
"The Mine"
White LineThis documentary series project sent Michael Harris to the jungles of Cambodia, to investigate a proposed multinational titanium mine slated for one of the last remaining stands of tropical forest in Southeast Asia – a project that many feared not only would accelerate climate change but could wipe out some of the most endangered wildlife in the world. Michael traveled to the village of Chi Phat, the nearest settlement to the proposed mining site, which also was a major base camp and killing field for the Khmer Rouge. The first web previews of CLIMATE WARS / CAMBODIA played an important part of the successful international campaign to persuade the Prime Minister of Cambodia to reverse a previous decision and deny permission for the mine. 

BEAST 112211 pic4

"Nature of The Beast" With Bob Sapp (Series Demo/Japan)
White LineBaby Wild Films partnered on the pilot of an international "wildlife/travel/reality" series called NATURE OF THE BEAST, co-produced and hosted by 6'4" 350-pound champion fighter and actor ("Elektra," "Longest Yard," "Big Stan," "Conan the Barbarian") Bob "The Beast" Sapp. This special was originally produced for Japanese television, but the project is currently being re-worked and pitched to a major U.S. cable network. 


"Dairyman Blues"
White LineThis short documentary (and demo for a long-format series) visits with small farmers in Yakima County, Washington, as they fight concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, and the loosely regulated mega-dairies fouling the air and water of their community. The webcast preview short was an Emmy Award-winner for "Outstanding Advanced Media." We're still tracking the CAFO cause closely, and Baby Wild Films still has high hopes of turning this unique, often-quirky perspective on factory farms into a television series -- but as you might imagine, Big Ag stink and greed and manure mountains are a tough sell to networks... even with all the sh*t they already have on air.  Give us a shout if you want to help.