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Baby Wild Films creates award-winning, eye-catching BROADCAST ADS, POLITICAL SPOTS, PROMOS, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (PSAs) and PROMOTIONAL WEB VIDEOS, for big and small budgets. 


"Off the Rails" (2-minute)
"Off the Rails" (30-seconds)

Client: Darshan for Congress - Darshan Rauniyar, candidate for 1st Congressional District, Washington State, 2012.  Nepal-born tech entrepreneur Darshan Rauniyar approached Michael Harris with a peculiar problem -- he wanted to make a serious run to replace Rep. Jay Inslee in his vacated 1st Congressional District seat.  However, he had no name recognition in a crowded primary field and just a fraction of the war chest that his opponents had. The top two leading candidates each had over $2 million in the bank.  Darshan had about $35,000 in all to produce an effective TV spot and get it on air.  So, Michael proposed an "agency end-around," creating, writing, shooting and editing both a 30-second spot for broadcast and a two-minute social media-friendly web video, and working with a rep at Comcast to do the media buy themselves, saving about 30% in agency commissions.  

But we still had to come up with a message.  What really separated Darshan from the rest of the candidates?  Besides of course that he was from Nepal, he was the only one in the race to take a position against a controversial coal train proposal for Whatcom County.  Around that time, a coal train heading to the Pacific Northwest derailed in Mesa, about five hours east of Seattle, dumping 31 cars full of dusty coal along the tracks.  Michael convinced Darshan to travel with network photojournalist Kevin Ely to Mesa to shoot the spot against the backdrop of the derailment, with the opening line, "Congress has run off the rails."  

Despite the limited media buy, the resulting spots generated a lot of buzz among the electorate and in the media, with the Bellingham Herald calling them "effective," and the Stranger magazine running a curious-but-welcome headline that read, "Rauniyar Spots Are Actually Pretty Good."  Darshan did pretty good in the primary, too -- although not well enough to advance him to the general election.  But by all accounts, that $35,000 was audaciously spent, raising Darshan's profile exponentially and laying the groundwork for future runs. And it helped set a new paradigm for how to get the best bang for your buck in the Age of Citizens United, when establishment candidates are spending like drunken sailors.

KING logo

Promo Compilation: KING Television (NBC Seattle)

Promotional spots produced, written, directed, graphic designed and edited (on linear editing suites) by KING Television Marketing Producer Michael Harris. Includes several Emmy Award-nominated promos. Also includes spots for "Free Orca," a top-rated news series that Michael produced with Linda Brill for KING 5 News in 1993 that featured the first-ever television news story on Keiko of "Free Willy" fame, languishing in a tank in Mexico City.


KOMO 4 News (ABC Seattle): "What Do Kids Really Eat?"

Michael Harris created this clever spot promoting a KOMO 4 News investigative report entitled "What Do Kids Really Eat?," exploring how kids swap lunch items they take to school.  This promo, which parodies a sports broadcast complete with telestrator analysis, won Michael an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Writing/PSA or Promo."    

thumb sweeney ur

"Sweeney Todd"
Client: The 5th Avenue Theatre.  Michael Harris edited these spots using the principal video ("B-Roll") and audio he produced for The 5th Avenue Theatre's Marketing Department.  As it was, the footage that photographers Kevin Ely and Tom Speer capture at that orchestra rehearsal yeilded some powerful moments and a haunting chorus performance, the music for the spot.  Extremely well-received in the market, and contributed to a strong house for the run.


"Five Minutes!"
Client: The 5th Avenue Theatre, the largest subscription-based theatre in the Pacific Northwest. Michael Harris and Baby Wild Films teamed up with legendary Seattle comedian Pat Cashman, cast in his first-ever musical, "Hello Dolly!," at The 5th Avenue Theatre.  Michael and Pat "wrote" this series of mostly improvised TV spots, after the pre-approved scripts were inexplicably thrown out minutes before the shoot by The 5th's Marketing Manager (who would soon thereafter leave the Theatre).  It was a great example of making the best of a bad situation... not unlike live theatre itself.  Also stars Jennifer Lewis as Dolly. Edited by Michael Harris.  Photography by Kevin Ely.



"BUDDY: The Buddy Holly Story"
Client: The 5th Avenue Theatre. For this captivating television ad for The 5th Avenue Theatre's production, Michael assembled the cast of the musical and did an homage to "The Winter Dance Party," Buddy's final performance. Shot over the course of just a few hours, with borrowed talent, only one camera (Kevin Ely) and a budget that probably would've gone a long way in 1959, but...   


"Make a Call, for the Wild"
This national public service announcement (PSA) campaign was created, written and edited by Michael Harris, and hosted and narrated by veteran actress Linda Evans. The 60-second spots called for the "retirement" of Lolita, the last surviving Puget Sound orca in a marine park, and launched an international movement.  Includes powerful, never-before-broadcast restored color film of Lolita's capture in August 1970, donated by Michael.  Music by Yanni and Tim Truman.  Emmy Award-winner for "Outstanding Writer/PSA or Promo."